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Useful Boating Links

The following links are helpful tools for the boating community. See detailed descriptions below.

  • Mid-Hudson US Power Squadron
  • The ActiveCaptain Companion
  • Marine Traffic
  • Mohawk Hudson Council
  • National Data Bouy Center
  • National Weather Service Radar
  • Ocean Weather
  • Yachting Club of America
  • Disaster Safety Library (Red Cross)
  • Boatland Boating Directory
  • NOAA Raster Charts
  • NOAA Weather Forecasts
  • Take Me Fishing
  • University of Connecticut Marine Sciences
  • Global Shark Tracker
  • East River Cruising Guide
  • Essential Guide to Flood Preparation and Planning

Mid-Hudson US Power Squadron

As a unit of the United States Power Squadrons, the Mid-Hudson Power Squadron provides boating classes to the public in locations in and around the area. Read: Local chapter of the USPS is also on Facebook. View their page HERE.

Active Captain

The ActiveCaptain Companion (the Companion for short) uses the ActiveCaptain data and your eBoatCards relationships to provide a social navigation system.  Click HERE.

Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic provides free real-time information to the public, about ship movements and ports, mainly across the coast-lines of many countries around the world. The project is currently hosted by the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean, Greece. The initial data collection is based on the Automatic Identification System (AIS). PYC is a partner with Marine and has installed an AIS receiver and shares the data of our area. click HERE.

Mohawk Hudson Council

Poughkeepsie Yacht Club is a member of the Mohawk Hudson Council, a group of yacht clubs stretching from Rogers’ Point in Hyde Park to the Schenectady Yacht Club on the Mohawk River. All these clubs offer reciprocity to boaters from other member clubs. A full listing of these clubs and what they offer to members of the Mohawk Hudson Council may be found at and on facebook.

National Maritime Historical Society

PYC supports the NMHS and as a PYC member, you are automatically a member. Visit the website for upcoming events. Click HERE.

National Data Bouy Center

Click on a buoy and see the sea conditions in real time. Click HERE.

National Weather Service Radar

Every weather radar station in the US can be accessed here. Much more detail is shown than on the Weather Channel site. It’s handy in watching an approaching storm line to see if you have time to reach a more secure harbor. Click HERE.

Ocean Weather

Click on any of the regions on the map. You can select from a map showing wave direction, wind speed/direction & barometric pressure or water temperature. The maps are useful in seeing what the conditions would be like along a projected route. Click HERE.

Disaster Safety Library (Red Cross)

The American Red Cross has created this Disaster and Safety Library to assist you in preparing your home, school and workplace in the event of a disaster or emergency. Here you will find fact sheets, preparedness checklists, recovery guides and other helpful information to keep you informed and safe.

Yachting Club of America

Members of YCA are listed and you will find PYC as one of the members. Some yacht clubs will only honor visitors from clubs on this list. Click HERE.

Boating On The Hudson

Your where, when, why and how Hudson River information source. Published monthly by Beacon Publishing Corp., Tarrytown, NY.  Click HERE for their website. Click HERE to see the current issue.

Boating Safety Resource Center

The U.S. Coast Guard is the federal regulating agency for recreational boats. As such, the Coast Guard issues boating safety recommendations and ensures the proper compliance with federal boating safety laws and equipment requirements. Every boater is responsible for knowing and adhering to Coast Guard boating laws and regulations, and laws specific to the state in which the vessel is registered or operated. This includes carrying at least the minimum safety equipment, registering and numbering your boat properly, and the safe operation of your vessel. Click HERE.

Boatland Boating Directory

The Boatland™ boating directory provides an array of boating related links from around the country (and world) including our yacht club. To see the PYC’s entry, click here

NOAA Raster Charts

NOAA raster charts are now available on-line free for downloading. They are exact reproductions of the corresponding paper chart kits. NOAA has organized the charts for easy downloading. click HERE.

NOAA Weather Forecasts

Text versions of every marine forecast in the US is available here. They can be very useful in finding out the weather in detail at an anchrage out of range of the weather channel on your VHF and the text versions download quickly. Click HERE.

Take Me Fishing

All anglers 16 years of age and older must have a valid fishing license in their possession while fishing in the state of New York. When you purchase a fishing license, you’re helping to protect, preserve & enhance the sport of fishing. Click HERE.

University of Connecticut Marine Sciences

From this site you can view the latest real-time weather at 7 buoys in Long Island Sound. Readings can be found for wind speed and direction, air temperature, surface water temperature, water height and direction and many more measurements. They can also be graphed over the last 12 hour period. Click HERE.

Global Shark Tracker

Shark Tracker where you can observe the navigational pattern of sharks that have been tagged with satellite tracking technology all for the purpose of shark conservation.Click HERE.

East River Cruising Guide

An excellent source for information when planning a passage from upper New York bay to Long Island Sound or back on the East River. Timing is everything! Click HERE.

Essential Guide to Flood Preparation and Planning
River flooding is again the result of excessive rainfall, but this may occur some considerable distance from the affected properties.  Not only can river flooding be difficult to drain, but also the fast flowing nature of the water can be dangerous to people and animals.


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