Travellift Operation

Travelift Operator Guidelines

The following site provides an outline for what is required to operate and maintain the PYC travellift. There is also a questionare below which can be filled out as well for those interesting in operating the travellift. We ask that you be invited first by the Roads and Equipment Chairman before pursing this. Please contact them first if you haven't done so already.

Click on the following button to download the PYC Travellift support docment (PDF File) :


  1. Knowledge of boat types and sailboat masts and rigging
  2. Has good common sense
  3. Works well with others
  4. Is never in a hurry
  5. Double checks before driving into problem areas, ie. climbs down off machine and looks
  6. Can place the machine into and out of difficult spots
  7. Does not allow conflicting ground crew signals from safely managing the machine
  8. Will halt the launch if safety is not maintained
  9. Does not exceed machine specifications
  10. Does not allow live loads to be carried by the lift
  11. Will notify proper person if a mechanical or other condition develops
  12. Does not operate intoxicated
  13. Understands tides


Requirements to be called Qualified

If you are interested in becoming an operator, please consider the following. Fill out the form only if you have been invited to participate in the training.

Travel lift trainees should be approached and invited to train after being pre-screened by House, Road and Steward.  If interested, the trainee should go through a basic training period.

  1. Perform pre-operational checks of Travelift, well and yard storage area
  2. Training in correct placement of hauledboats in the yard
  3. Ability to work with the steward andother Travelift operators in coordinating boat placement in the yard
  4. Demonstratecharacteristics defined in thecriteria for liftoperators

Request Form / Questionnaire
If you have been asked by the Roads and Equipment Chairman, please fill out the form and select submit:

Name *
Phone *
What is your experience with operating machinery? Select an option from the pulldown menu.
How much time do you have to train? Select an option from the pulldown menu.
Please provide a consistent schedule which would work for you, when are you most available consistently to train. (e.g. weeknights, weekends, etc.). Example: "I am able to train year round, except for fall bowling nights, spring volunteer work, and church every Sunday from 10-12".
Feel free to ask some questions or input some comments here (optional)