The Poughkeepsie Yacht Club (in Hyde Park, NY) is a small yacht club which focuses around social (non-boat owner) events, group activities, kayaking, and of course boating on the Hudson. We really enjoy our view (on life) and think you will too. Feel free to contact us:

phone: (845) 889-4742


Memberships starting at roughly $280

The Poughkeepsie Yacht Club is committed to keeping costs below what most other clubs offer on the river. We have the lowest cost boating and social experience for a yacht club in our area on the river.  We are able to offer some of the lowest rates on the river due to our commitment to being a working club.  

See our offerings below :

Affordable Boating

is just an Active Membership (click here) away! The PYC is one of the least expensive clubs on the river. See our memberships section.

"Frugal" Events

Click on the button to view our recent party event flyers:

Family Friendly Events

The PYC offers informal and formal family gatherings every year.

Frugal Fridays

We host several low cost and often theme oriented events throughout the season.

Kayaking, Sunfish Sailing, and More

Enjoy kayaking, sunfish sailing, fishing, or anything else in a small boat.  The PYC provides one of the most interesting places to launch from on the river. Easily paddle over to (or around) Esopus Island or to Vanderbuilt Mansion. Take a trip along the ledges of Norrie, to Mills Mansion, or around the Esopus lighthouse. READ MORE

Meet New People

Joining a club is one of the best way to network and learn new things.

Own A Boat?

Own a boat, interested in joining?  Click here:

Not Convinced?

Click on the following link to download a PYC brochure:

Social Membership

Join as a social member and benefit from all of the club's amenities, social events, views, boating friends, river view special occasions, informal barbequing, and more.


Sailing on the Hudson

The PYC provides a good location for lighter sailing to the east of Esopus Island or sailing in normal waters around the island, this allows boats of all sizes to enjoy the river.


Paddle Sports

The PYC offers one of the more unique paddling opportunities on the river, miles from lighthouses, close to Esopus Island and other interesting spots ...

Formal Dinners

We have a few formal dinners each year which is a always a good time!


Membership Options

See the options :

Boats Available

See our classifieds, click here for details.

Special Occasions

River front view to the river at a low cost, host your informal and formal events for small groups of people. Host a party and use our full commercial quality kitchen, host a retirement party, graduation, and even small weddings.  READ MORE

Boat Storage Options

We provide all of the services required for large and small boats. Member and non-member options available.              




We find our view on the river one of the best! Click on the following link to get a tour of the PYC's facilities :


The PYC offers learning experiences with hands on practical fun activities. Learn how to navigate boats, docking, techniques, and Jet ski (personal watercraft) certification. READ MORE

Boating Friends

Make friends with other boaters, learn how to sail, boat, and if boating is right for you. 


Regattas, Race Days, and More

If you are a fan of casual racing, regattas, and more, the PYC offers regattas every season.  Many boaters invite non-boat owning members to crew these races, it's a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Social (No Boat Required)

No boat required, join the PYC as a social member.  Joining a club is one of the best things you can do for yourself ...

Lets BBQ

Barbeque with friends, family, guests and members. We have multiple grills and a full kitchen.

Explore The River

Take a runabout over to Esopus Island for a campfire or go explore black creek and do some hiking. Take out a day sailor for some afternoon tacking on the low traffic side of the Island.

The PYC like other locations on the river is rich in wildlife, enjoy photographing the Eagles, Herons, and more down at the club. Teach your children about the biodiversity of the Hudson Valley.  READ MORE