PYC News and Event Flyers


The Friday’s Frugal Friday event will feature a fish fry/bake/sautéed meal with sides of coleslaw and a special potato dish.  The party will be hosted by new members Ray and Lorie Benderer and with the help of several transient striper captains.  The fish has been donated by the captains and several other striper captains and PYC club members.  Ray and Lorie are experienced chefs so we can expect a tasty preparation for the meal.  A limited number chicken steak sandwiches for those not into fish.

Bar activity will begin around 5PM with meal service after 6.  So, plan to attend Friday’s event and socialize with your PYC friends.  As an added bonus, you will see how well all the current in-water PYC boats fit on the North dock system.