Mohawk/Hudson Council


Mohawk/Hudson Council of Yacht Clubs

PYC Representatives: Ernie Klopping, Michael Puccini

The Mohawk Hudson Council is 20 boat/yacht clubs with over 2000 members, from the Mid-Hudson River to the Eastern Mohawk River and the Erie Canal; The PYC is one of the 20 boat clubs sponsor a season full of fun events, from Striped Bass Fishing Derbies to concerts, dances, open houses, entertainment, children’s activities, and BBQs!

Guest Agreement:

2006 reciprocal agreement between the Hudson River Boat and Yacht Club Association, Inc.
and the Mohawk-Hudson Council of Yacht Clubs. The Hudson River Boat and Yacht Club Association (HRBYCA) and the Mohawk Hudson Council of Yacht Clubs (MHCYC) have agreed and signed this reciprocal agreement program for the year 2006.

  • This agreement is between (HRBYCA) and (MHCYC).
  • This agreement extends reciprocal privileges to members of both organizations.
  • This agreement is limited to participating clubs and their local reciprocal policies.

Agreement Guidelines and Protocol:

  1. Contact the respective club you wish to reciprocate with in order to determine if they are a participating club in this agreement.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the respective clubs reciprocal policies.
  3. Needless to say, be gracious and courteous at all times. You are an envoy for your respective club, and your entire club may be judged by your actions.


At a minimum you will be required to show proof of a valid membership card for your respective club. Clubs may require your (HRBYCA) or (MHCYC) identification card and a form of personnel identification.


Member Clubs