The Poughkeepsie Yacht Club (in Hyde Park, NY) is a small yacht club which focuses around social (non-boat owner) events, group activities, kayaking, and of course boating on the Hudson. We really enjoy our view (on life) and think you will too. Feel free to contact us:

phone: (845) 889-4742



Thank you for your interest in the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club. The following describes the membership types and non-member services. In short we offer a social membership and an active membership along with some limited non-member services. If you have interest, determine if you want to own a boat at the PYC (Active Membership) or if you are looking to join socially (Social Membership). Below we have an application forms for joining the PYC.

Joining our club offers the opportunity for you to be a part of a community which enjoys social and boating activities on the Hudson. Moreover, we pride ourselves on building friendships through the comradery of our working club, social events, and shared group interests. We offer a beautiful setting for low-cost event hosting (birthdays/weddings/etc.), BBQs with friends, and active summer social calendar. We welcome you as a boat owner or as a non-boater (social members) or even if you simply enjoy the pleasures of the river such as kayaking or seasonal fishing.

Membership Types

Active - Individual or Joint

Active memberships are for individuals or couples. Sail and power boat owners constitute the Active member group’s majority and have all privileges the club affords: dock/mooring, boat hauling/storage, full use of the club and participation in all social activities. This membership requires “hours” which allows the club to sustain competitive and reasonable fee schedules. Active members have voting rights and can become officials of the organization. Club sailors have been known to participate in local invitational regattas to bring home the “gold!” Hurricane Buddies.  Note: We have a special membership for those under 19 years of age. We also have a special Striper fishing season offer. 

Social - Individual or Joint

Social memberships are for individuals or couples who want to participate in the social aspects of the club. They have all the privileges of the club (use of the clubhouse, bar, deck, patio, etc.), but may not vote or serve on the Board of Directors. Social member’s favorite events include, but are not limited to, our Irish Night, 25 Week Club Fund Raiser and the Commodore’s Ball. Note: We have a special membership for those under 19 years of age. We also have a special Striper fishing season offer.  

General Comparison


Interested in the PYC ?  You can use one of the following links to send us some information about yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

Active Membership Form

Click on the button link above if you wish to apply for Active Membership. Remember this is required if you plan on owning a boat at the PYC.

Social Membership Form

Click on the button link above if you wish to apply for Social Membership. This is more ideal if you plan to host parties, kayak, and be involved in social activities / events but not own a boat at this time.

Non-Member Seasonal Fishing

We offer the opportunity to rent slips for striper season at the PYC.

Non-Member Winter Storage

We offer the opportunity for non-members to store boats.


Step 1 - Apply or Contact Us
Determine which membership type best suits your situation and apply. You can apply by using our online form, in person at the club, or by contacting our Membership chairperson. Or use the links on this page to apply online.

Step 2 - Meet Us
While you are waiting to hear back from us, prepare questions you might have for us and have your general plans ready for when you plan to bring a boat to the club (if applicable).

Step 3 - Approval Process
The final steps are the approval actions by the Board and the Membership. See the next section for more details. Thank you for expressing interest in the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club!

Application Process (30 days)

The procedure for obtaining a membership in the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club begins with the applicant contacting either a club member or the Membership Chair in order to obtain an application form and sponsor checklist. If the application is through a member, the applicant and two sponsors complete and sign the applicable forms and submit them to the Membership Committee. If the application is directly to the Membership Committee only the completed application form is submitted. In non-sponsored applications, the Membership Committee may, at its discretion, act as one of the sponsors and obtain a second sponsor from the General Membership.
The completed application form must be posted at the PYC in a public location for 30 days prior to final action being taken by the Board of Directors.
During that time, the Membership Committee arranges an interview with the prospective member. If the Membership Committee approves the application, the application is forwarded to the Board of Directors. At the next available Board meeting, the two sponsors appear before the Board with their recommendations following the 30-day posting period. If the Board approves, the applicant becomes a member of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club and is introduced at the next General Membership meeting.