Available Jobs and Tasks


The PYC has always prided itself on being a working club.  You personally can greatly improve the club as well as be a part of the rewarding experiences and sense of accomplishment from performing the work in a position.  It is said that joining a group is one of the most rewarding experiences, the club would appreciate your efforts and  looks forward to hearing from you.

The following jobs are available, fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss it. Filling out the form simply expresses interest, the final determination must be approved.

Yards and Grounds

Yards and Grounds Committee oversees the yard and the landscaping. The committee is responsible for the “Beautification” of the grounds and parking areas. This committee also will help maintain the overall appearance of the club.

The 25 Week Club

The 25 Week Club has traditionally been a fund raising eveny for the club but hasn’t happened for acouple of years. It has consisted of members selling tickets which are drawn for a prize every week during the season leading up to the event. Each ticket entitles the purchaser to 2 seats at the big event where the big prizes are drawn. The culmination party usually includes dinner and beverages, dancing and the drawing. The event is basically two fold, the raffle and the party. It works ery well if 2 persons work together with one handling the party and the other the raffle.

Membership Chairperson

The Membership Committee Chair handles new member applications, interviews and assists member applicants in the process. A membership email account is also maintained. The membership committee will also be working with the marketing and social media committees in an effort to promote the club and membership.

Social Media

We need someone to assist with Facebook. The ideal person would be able to post pictures, boating related items, and other river related information twice a day (the more the better).  Photos can be found on the Hudson Valley page for reposting or from Google seaches etc. etc.. This is a great way to get hours for those who are unable to commit time to physical labor.


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