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Setting sail July 25 for Atlantic Highlands and a few new destinations

Summer 2018 Trip Planning


We started planning for another great trip!

Next meeting July 8 at PYC at 1300 hours.

Our trip to Shelter Island in 2015, Mystic Ct in 2016 and Atlantic Highlands, NJ in 2017 were phenomenal!!!

Destination: Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club as a base and lots of sailing in the Raritan Bay.  
Departure date: Wednesday July 25, 2018. 
Departure time 0930 hours (9:30am). 
We have 4-6 vessels from the PYC.  We had a great trip last year and hope to venture to a few different destinations this year.

Review the checklist at the end of this page and have your boat inspected by a certified inspector.  Contact Kathleen Ferreira ( kferreira15@aol.com ) for info.

Fill in the form below to be added to the trip roster and suggest new destinations and dates for next trip. 
For updates and information contact Nancy Fritz - nfritz1129@gmail.com, Rod Neff (Fleet Capt.) - rcneff@hvc.rr.com, John Menghini(Rear Com.) - sundance22@verizon.net

Please enter your information in the sign up form so we can include you on the roster.  This will allow us to communicate with you.

More stories and pictures of our adventures can be found on our blog! 

Follow this link for AdventuresonAmadeus.


Here is a checklist of typical things to have on board when cruising.

  • Required USCG and NYS safety items.  
  •     For boats >26':
  •         One PFD for each person on board
  •             Deck crew should always wear PFDs at night.
  •             A harness and teather are also a good idea.
  •         One throwable Type IV device
  •         Approved visual distress signals for both daytime and night use
  •         Two B-I type or One B-II type fire extinguishers.
  •     For boats 40' or greater:
  •         Same as above except:
  •         Three B-I type OR One B-I type PLUS One B-II type fire extinguishers.
  • Strobe lights and whistles to fasten to each PFD.
  • First aid kit
  •     (Optional) Red Cross first aid and safety handbook.
  • Bug Spray
  • Light "lunch hook" anchor and heavy plow anchor.  
  • Wood plugs in various sizes for each thru-hull.
  • Cell phone - better for contacting marinas.
  • Stove and grill fuel, matches and/or lighter
  • Spare items such as:
  •     Clevis pins, cotter pins, winch parts, bulbs, electrical connectors,
  •     fuel filter, engine zincs, oil filter, impeller, dock lines, rip-stop tape,
  •     hull repair kit, engine oil, engine coolant, hoses, clamps, batteries.


  • Food for a couple days.
  •     Staples such as peanut butter, bread, cereal, etc.
  •     A few perishables are ok to start with if you plan to eat them within
  •     the first couple days but there are stores along the way where you can
  •     purchase perishable treats.  Frozen meat can be cooked without thawing.
  •     It just takes a little longer.  Prepared food such as chili or spaghetti
  •     sauce are good to bring frozen.  They keep other foods cold too.
  •     Don't forget the all important fruits such as oranges and grapes.  Great
  •     snacking food!


  • Dry Ice, Ice, Ice packs
  • Documents:
  • Boat documentation:
  •     NYS registration, USCG documentation, Insurance policy
  • Eldridge Almanac for tides and currents.  Directory of marinas also included.
  • Up-to-date paper charts
  • ActiveCaptain information saved on a computer or tablet.
  • Tide and current pages for days of travel saved on computer or tablet.


What are your thoughts?   email nfritz1129@gmail.com