Docks and Moorings will soon be assigned for the 2018 boating season. There will probably be a waiting list for docks this year, which will
require some number of "floaters" (temporary assignments) to be assigned. Please let the Fleet Captain know if you will not be
using your dock for all or part of the season. This information will allow temporary assignments and will enhance the income for the club.
Please complete the application if you desire a slip or mooring and return it no later than April 1, 2018. Read the information
below carefully. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable boating season.

Seasonal Rates: Docks: $13.25 per foot for boats under 20 feet $18.80 per foot for boats 20 feet or over
LOA (registered or documented length to be used)
Moorings: $240.00 per boat for the season
• Applications to reserve a slip or mooring for the current season must be accompanied by full payment and proof of insurance to be considered. Proof of insurance coverage is required for all members' boats and must be included with the application.
• First preference will be given to members holding an assigned slip or mooring from the previous season provided the application and payment are received by April 1, 2018
• Second preference for a slip or mooring assignment will be given to those holding a position on the waiting list.
• Third preference will be given to applications received or postmarked after April 1, 2018 and will be processed in the order received.
• The Club reserves the right to make temporary assignments of slips or moorings not being occupied.
• Members may not sub-let slips or moorings assigned to them.

• Boat owners may not use a slip other than the one assigned without the permission of the Fleet Captain or Club Steward. For temporary use, members will be charged at the daily rate of $4.80/day for docks and $2.15/day for moorings.
• If available, non-slip holders may be assigned a slip by the Fleet Captain or Steward for up to 1 week free of charge in the Spring for fitting out after launching and in the Fall for decommissioning prior to haul out.
• Applications to get on the waiting list may be obtained from the Fleet Captain and returned to him after completion.
• Applications are also available on the PYC website,
• Members on a mooring must display a Coast Guard approved anchor light during night hours.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- - - - 2018 PYC Dock and Mooring Application Form

Name ___________________________________ Phone:H ______________ W _________________ Cell______________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Boat Name ___________________________ e-mail: ______________________________________________
If on a mooring, is Coast Guard Approved Anchor Light Working? ___ Certificate of Insurance Enclosed? ___
Length: _________ Beam: _________Draft: ______ Displacement _____________Sail or Power: ____
Fill in appropriate blanks, round up to next higher foot

NOTE: Members not in good standing will not be assigned docks or moorings

Make checks payable to PYC and enclose a Certificate of Insurance Address payment envelope to:
PO Box 667
Hyde Park, NY 12538                                                           

Mooring at $240 per season = ________

Under 20 feet $13.25 x ________ = ________

20 feet or over $18.80 x ________ = ________

SUBTOTAL = ________

There is no tax on dock or mooring fees.

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE = _________


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