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Transients, store your boat for the winter at the PYC. We offer the lowest rates for boat storage on the river, we also can handle most boats with our travel lift.  If you have interest, please contact us. You can also download the form and mail it in. Also, you may be interested in our membership options.



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If you are ready to apply, download the form and fill it out or fill out the online form. Link and information are in the following section. Thank you, we will be in contact with you shortly. 

Transient Winter boat storage at PYC is subject to the following rules and conditions:

1. Winter yard storage is available on a first come first serve basis to Transients who have submitted a written application to the Financial Secretary, accompanied by payment in full for their calculated haul, storage and launch fees, along with Proof of Insurance. Assignment of haul-out dates and allocation of yard storage space will be allowed only for Transients whose applications and payments have been received PRIOR to hauling.

2. Storage in the PYC yard is based on available space as determined by the House Chairman. Trailered boats may

be stored up next to the barn. All Norrie applications for storage must be approved by the PYC House Chairman to ensure there is available space for storage.

4. No boats over 50 feet in length or 25-ton weight can be hauled out on the travel-lift.

5. Sling position marks must be clearly placed on all boats which are to be launched or hauled with the travel-lift.

6. The PYC does not have jack stand or blocking. Transients must supply their own jack stands and blocking.

Procedure for winter storage applicants:

1. Submit application with full payment to the Financial Secretary.

2. Determine a suitable haul out date by referring to tide tables and haul out dates available. Work with House Chairman and PYC Steward to ensure availability.

3. Verify your haul out date with the Steward and enter it on the haul out signup list in the clubhouse. PYC members will get preference in any conflicts with times and dates.

4. The Steward will transfer your scheduled haul out date to the official haul out calendar in the Clubhouse.


Rates for haul, storage and launch:

Haul Out: $3.30/ft Yard Storage: $17.70/ft Launch: $3.30/ft


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